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"My time with Leon is going to make a hugely positive impact on my profits. He gave me ideas for my new website that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Then, even better, he offered suggestions and connections that will help me implement the ideas. So many marketers tell you WHAT to do, like get joint venture partners. Leon helped me see HOW to do it, and do it really well. To me, that makes his input a hundred times more valuable than anyone else's."

Sophronia Scott
Done for You Writing and Publishing Company

"I've worked with Leon for many years. He helped me build my successful businesses from the ground up. His ongoing marketing advice and campaigns were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

Gordon Holmes, Founder,
Buyside magazine; the Gold Report;
Lookoutridge Winery"

"Leon thank you so much for your extremely focused coaching. I was really able to know what was and wasn't working with my website, and now I have prioritized action items that will really communicate my message effectively. Your ability to get to the meat of the problem, and the suggestions for improvement were perfect."

Asha Ramakrinshna

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Okay. The obvious question. Why should someone choose you to coach them in marketing?

One major reason is I combine bigtime marketing experience in both the offline and online worlds.
I've been in marketing for about 25 years. I was a copywriter and creative director at top ad agencies, including Wunderman; Young&Rubicam; BBDO; DDB/Needham and Saatchi. I've worked on compaigns for IBM, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, Barclays Global Investors, Novartis, Pfizer, and also for Internet heavyweights like theStreet.com and quote.com, as well as successful Internet startups, such as alibris.com and shipwire.com.

In the past 12 years I've worked extensively online and offline with small business owners and entrepreneurs. I helped one entrepreneur start and build a publishing business, which he sold for $millions. He now owns a winery in Sonoma, California.

Do you promise the people you work with that they will be able to sell their businesses and be able to buy wineries?

Well, you never know. But I can help them to achieve much greater success, so they can do whatever they want to do.

Coaching involves a lot of teaching. Is that something you've done and like to do?

Actually before I started on Madison Avenue, I was an adjunct lecturer in English at the City University of New York and a supervisor of its remedial writing workshop. I received very good evaluations for my teaching, and I loved doing it. If it paid more I'd probably still be doing it. And when I was in advertising agencies, I supervised many creative teams, which involved a great deal of coaching and teaching.

In the past few years, coaching entrepeneurs and independent professionals has been very personally rewarding. I get a great deal of satisfaction working one on one, helping people achieve their dreams.

Do you still do marketing and copywriting for companies?

I do. And that's something that also sets me apart from many of the marketing coaches I see who just do coaching. I'm still on the line with my marketing consulting and copywriting work. I see what's really working today. It keeps my skills sharp and on the cutting edge. For instance, I really received results of a sales letter I wrote for an online investment newsletter. The results were very indicative of a trend, an important bit of information that I will pass on to my coaching clients.

So how do your coaching programs work? Let's say I'm interested in having you coach me. What's the next step?

The first thing is for you to decide what you want. I offer a number of alternatives for people in different situations. My Master Mentorship program is a 14 session coaching program that provides a comprehensive Internet marketing roadmap, and step by step guidance all along the way.

My Quick Start program is shorter, only 7 weeks, but very fast-paced. And my Spot sessions are for people who only want an hour or two to go over a specific issue. I also offer coaching for different marketing tactics and skills, such as branding, copywriting, pay per click, SEO, PR, as well as a program for information product development.

Are your coaching programs for beginners or advanced Internet marketers?

I always start with where you are and develop a roadmap around your particular needs. That could mean someone starting out, or someone that's been at it for a year or two. Or someone who has been online for awhile, but not achieving the success he or she wants.

If the problem is one of strategic direction, we'll spend more time on that. If it's getting to know how to make a particular tactic work better, for instance pay per click or PR, I'll concentrate on that.

It's also important to be in tune with a client's business and goals. Are you a service professional like a lawyer, financial consultant or coach looking for better clients? Or are you looking to sell information products online and get residual income - or both?Are you a business owner looking to sell physical products online? Maybe you're retired or a semi-retired person looking for a way to make money online. Your situation and your goals are always the starting point.

Once I assess your situation and your goals, I can develop a roadmap for you to achieve those goals. Each session is designed to bring you closer to your goal. I give assignments between sessions. To make fast progress you need to do the work between sessions. It's all about taking you further and faster along the straightest path to your goal.


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