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"My time with Leon is going to make a hugely positive impact on my profits. He gave me ideas for my new website that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Then, even better, he offered suggestions and connections that will help me implement the ideas. So many marketers tell you WHAT to do, like get joint venture partners. Leon helped me see HOW to do it, and do it really well. To me, that makes his input a hundred times more valuable than anyone else's."

Sophronia Scott
Done for You Writing and Publishing Company

"I've worked with Leon for many years. He helped me build my successful businesses from the ground up. His ongoing marketing advice and campaigns were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

Gordon Holmes, Founder,
Buyside magazine; the Gold Report;
Lookoutridge Winery"

"Leon thank you so much for your extremely focused coaching. I was really able to know what was and wasn't working with my website, and now I have prioritized action items that will really communicate my message effectively. Your ability to get to the meat of the problem, and the suggestions for improvement were perfect."

Asha Ramakrinshna

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Marketing Consulting Services

Before You Spend More Money On Your Marketing Campaign, Why Not Find Out If It's As Good As It Should Be?

Schedule a Business Review and Report

You have a big campaign coming up - online or offline - or one integrated with another. You're about to spend a lot of money on it, but you're just not sure if it's right.

-Or you just want to an expert review of your current marketing because you think it can do better.

Why not call on somebody who has been instrumental in numerous major marketing launches - from the introduction of iShares by Barclay's Global Investors, to relaunching and rebranding of an entire unit of software giant Autodesk, to an online campaign joint venture between and another online investment company.

Call on my Marketing Review and Recommendation Service for a professional checkup on your marketing program or campaign. Here's how it works:


- Send materials and notes on your marketing project to me

- Schedule a 1 hour teleconference - go over goals, objectives, issues, etc.

- I write a Marketing Review, addressing marketing problems, opportunities, issues, and solutions, along with my recommendations

- Schedule 2nd conference call - Go over the Marketing Review and Recommendations

- Schedule a third followup conference to address any issues of implementation and execution

*All conference calls can be recorded if requested so you can listen again to the conference whenever you want.

Fee: $2,500

Tactical critiques
You wonder why your sales page isn't working. Or why you're opt-in page isn't getting subscribers. Or why you're home page doesn't seem to be engaging people. Call on me for a Marketing Roadmap Tactical Critique. Here's how it works:



- Let me know the website page or marketing piece you want me to critique.

- I'll prepare a critique then schedule a 1 hour conference call to go over it.

Conference can can be recorded so you can refer to it whenever you want. Written transcripts are also available.

Fee: $500

Want topnotch work for your copywriting, pay per click and other marketing services? Check out my services below:


Services include:


-Pay per click advertising


-Public relations

-email marketing

-branding and niche-ing

-website development

-offline to online campaigns

Call for quotes

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, call or write me to schedule a Free 1/2 hour consultation where we can determine if this is a good fit.
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